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Dog Pictures by Mike Sibley

Dog Drawings Gallery

Dog Drawings using graphite pencil drawing techniques
Mike's Dog Drawings have all been drawn by pencil, the following quote demonstrates just how difficult it is to produce such masterpieces when using just a pencil...

" The Pencil, is the cruellest of the artist's tools, because it leaves nothing to chance." - Jeffrey Archer

Limited Edition Dog Drawings & Portraits by Mike Sibley

The drawings and portraits are all Limited Edition prints. The Drawings gallery provides full details of the number of Limited edition restriction number and the number of dog drawings prints left for sale. The dog drawings are distributed Worldwide Distribution network and normally dispatched within 48 hours. These Limited Edition prints of beautiful drawings make the perfect gift for all pet and dog lovers.

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Dog Drawings - Look at the detail!
The detail on these enchanting dog drawings is quite amazing. Just run your mouse pointer over the above drawing of the Spaniel to get a magnified, close-up view of the eyes!

Dog Drawings - Canine Portraits by the English Artist Mr. Mike Sibley
The beautiful dog drawings found on this site are by the talented English artist, Mike Sibley. Mike has kindly given his permission for us to display a selection of his wonderful Dog Drawings. Any one of these truly fine art dog drawings, featuring various breeds, can take over 200 hours to create.

About the Dog Drawings Artist - Mike Sibley

  • Mike has worked as a professional artist since 1980
  • Mike Sibley lives in the market town of Thirsk, North Yorkshire, England
  • Clutch-pencils (also known as drafting-pencils, lead-holders or mechanical pencils) are used to create his enchanting dog drawings
  • Mike started in business as an Animal Portrait Artist and became interested in creating dog drawings because his wife bred and exhibited dogs and horses
  • Any one example of his truly fine art drawings, featuring various dog breeds, can take over 200 hours to create
  • He works on one small area of a drawing at a time until it's complete
  • Mike Sibley shows the viewer the true depth of the beauty of the animal - not just its outward appearance
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Dog Drawings Artist Mike says...

"I think this site is a wonderful resource of use to the breeder, exhibitor and pet-owner alike. I will certainly be using this site myself as I often need a condensed history of a breed that I am planning to draw. Knowing the original intention of its breeding and use is a great help in composing a suitable setting. And, of course we have dogs of our own so the Online Encyclopaedia of Common Dog Health Problems is another great aid. I congratulate the site's creators and I'm delighted to see my work so well presented."

Stunning Drawings - Dazzling Detail - Enchanting - Breathtaking!

Mike's beautiful dog drawings leave nothing to chance - is it any wonder that Mike is referred to as the Sir Edwin Landseer of the 21st Century!

Dog Drawings
Check out the beautiful Dog Drawings - great gifts for Dog Lovers
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