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If you you wish to find as suitable dog or puppy name please click on the letter of your choice to access the Dog Names Dictionary List.

A useful Directory for some inspiration and some good ideas for naming your pet dog or puppy.

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Types of Puppy and Dog Names
Puppy and Dog Names fall into various categories:

  • Descriptive - Puppy and Dog Names that reflect the physical appearance of the dog - colour - size - markings - coat - distinct attributes

  • Descriptive (Personality / Character) that reflect the personality and character of the dog

  • Occupational Names ( Working or Hunting )

  • Puppy Name that reflect the work that a dog might be expected to undertake

  • Descriptive of Sex (Male or Female Puppy and Dog Names)

  • Puppy and Dog Names that reflect the characteristics of the sex of the dog. For Girls - gentle and affectionate. For Boys  strong and courageous

  • Country / Place of Origin - German or French words

  • A Puppy name that that reflect the country where the puppy originated. If you are stuck for foreign names check out the following link to Baby Names - the definitive website regarding a World of names - many dogs are given the same names as people!

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Puppy and Dog Names
1000's of Girl and Boy Puppy and Dog Names to choose from! Choosing the right name for your dog is great fun and also an important decision. There are thousands of Puppy and Dog Names to choose from - popular Puppy and Dog Names, unusual Puppy and Dog Names, cool or cute Puppy and Dog Names and you can even create unique Puppy and Dog Names. Many names are suitable for either sexes - female  or male Puppy and Dog Names. Pet owners are searching for a list of , famous, popular, funny, unusual, good, top, cute, cool and unique dog names. They are also searching for a list which presents the names in girl dog names and male dog names sections. A selection of these can be accessed by clicking one of the links below:

Puppy and Dog Names by Breed

Girl Dogs and Puppy Names

Cool Dogs and Puppy Names

Unusual Dogs and Puppy Names

Female Dogs Names

Male Dog Names

Unique Dog Names

French Dog Names

Popular Dogs and Puppy Names

Cute Dogs and Puppy Names

German Dog Names

Top 100 Dog Names

A Dog & Puppy Names Dictionary List- A Dog Names Directory
As we have said we have 1000's of Girl and Boy Puppy and Dog Names to choose from!  We can't list them all on one page so we have developed a Puppy and Dog Names Dictionary List! A Dog names Directory. Browse the Puppy and Dog Names List Dictionary to find just the right dog or puppy name for your pet!

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Important considerations when choosing Puppy and Dog Names
Your dog's name will be used hundreds of times every week - make sure you are quite happy with your choice

  • Puppy and Dog Names should be short - preferably one or two syllables
  • They should not sound like any other name within the family or close friends - total confusion will arise
  • They should not sound like any commands - even more confusion will arise!
  • One of the cute, exotic or cool boy or girl Puppy and Dog Names may be great for a tiny puppy but will this suit a full grown dog? Check out the size comparison pictures relating to the breed of your pup

Famous Puppy and Dog Names
Give your dog or puppy a famous name! This unusual choice usually brings a smile and fond memories to owners and their families and friends.

  • Famous Puppy and Dog Names
    Think of a favourite famous dog name - famous canines are featured in the Famous Dogs section
  • Famous People names
    People from history, literature, the movies, television, mythology, scientists, authors, poets, inventors, royalty, pop stars, sports stars or your own personal favourite heroes
  • Famous Books, Films and TV Shows
    Think of your favourite film or book - you could use the title for a name for your puppy or dog. Alternatively consider your favourite character from Famous Books, Films and TV Shows

Unique Puppy and Dog Names
If you want something completely different for your dog or puppy then you can create unique dog or puppy names. Here are some tips in creating unique dog or puppy names:

  • Invent new unique words by taking the hybrid approach. Take two existing names and combine the two in an unusual fashion. Use of family Surnames would be a good starting point, not forgetting your Maiden and Middle name
  • Convert a Place Name - created from the place of birth
  • Flowers - created from different flowers, for example, Daisy or Columbine
  • Inspirational name - created from inspirational themes, for example, Hope or Glory or from inspirational people
  • Food Name - a unique Puppy and Dog Name created from your favourite foods!
  • Favourite Things - A Unique name taken from your favourite things - cars, hobbies, toys etc

Female Dog Names

Girl Puppy Names

Boy Dog Names

Male Puppy Names 


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