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This page provides some useful, general information about puppies. In depth info can be found by clicking the following links:
Puppy Training
Puppy Care
Puppy Behavior, Growth & Development Rates
Choosing a Dog
Dog Vaccinations

Picture of Playful puppies

Puppies - the Breeds and the Adult size of puppies
There are many different breed of puppies and these have been covered in considerable detail in our sections relating to individual dog breeds.

This is the place to go if you want to know details of puppies - their background and history, a full description and any potential health problems.

A size comparison picture has also been provided for each different breed of dog. The picture shows an adult dog next to a man and a woman - thus establishing the eventual adult size of various types of puppies.

This is the only site on the internet that provides this critical information by a visual representation of sizes!

Dog Breeds - ABC List
Miscellaneous Dogs
Sporting - Gun Dogs
Non-Sporting Dogs
Working Dogs
Herding Dogs
Terrier Dogs
Toy Dogs
Hound Dogs
Scent Hounds
Hunting Dogs
Rare & Other Breeds

Everyone loves cute puppies - young and old alike. Puppies are cute and totally adorable, exactly the same words we use when describing babies! Puppies are incredibly similar to babies!

  • They are part of our family
  • We agonise over the names we give to our puppies
  • A puppies health is of prime concern and just as with babies we ensure that they are vaccinated against disease
  • Puppies whine when they are hungry, thirsty, hot, cold, uncomfortable, distressed or lonely
  • They require considerable attention
  • We feed them special food for puppies
  • We provide them with toys for puppies
  • We ensure they have their own bed, and their own space within the home
  • We have to teach them acceptable behaviour and social skills
  • We even teach puppies our language!
  • And as they get older we often send them to puppy schools!
  • We worry about them if they become sick
  • Puppies in their turn look on as as their surrogate mother, litter companions and the leader of their pack (or family)

Once we understand the role of puppies within our family their particular requirements become incredibly clear - as does the role we are expected to play in their lives!

Puppies - Growth and Development rates
This section details information regarding Puppies stages of growth and development, according to age. Each stage of of a puppies growth and development is charted and separated as follows:
Newborn Puppies Growth and Development up to 3 weeks
Puppies Growth and Development between 3 to 7 weeks old, 7 and 12 weeks, 12 and 16 weeks, 4 and 8 months and between 8 months to 1 year

Puppies - Puppy Care
A whole range of important information about caring for small, cute puppies. The care required according to their development rates and stages together with Safety Issues, Puppies Care Checklist, items to be purchased, Puppies Bedding, Feeding and grooming Care, Identification and much, much more. Everything that you need to know about caring for puppies.

Puppies - Puppy Training
Puppy Training a subject which is on the minds of most owners of puppies. This section provides details of puppies potty training and house training, crate training, collar, leash and stair training, socialization and what to do if puppies whine , howl or bark. These are the situations where you begin to believe that your cute puppy isn't quite as cute as you thought! The information in relation to training puppies provides considerable details and sensible training tips.

Dog Names Index
Big & Small Dogs
Dog & Puppy Names
Pictures of Dogs
Dog Drawings
History of Dogs
Dog Facts
Famous Dogs
Dog Symptoms Sorter
Canine Health
Teacup Dogs
Dog Types
Dog Quiz !

Puppies Names
Choosing the right name for puppies is an enjoyable experience and your final choice can benefit from looking at the vast selection of puppies names available. Thousands of cute Girl and Boy Dog and puppies names to choose from! Popular puppy names, unusual puppys names, cool or cute pups names and you can even create unique puppy's names. Many names are suitable for either sexes - female puppys names or male puppy names.

Puppies Development Record
Whether your puppy is a pedigree or a mongrel it is a good idea to keep a record of your puppies growth and development - they are all so easily forgotten. Here are some suggestions for the content of your Puppies Development Record

  • Name
  • Coloring
  • Date of Birth
  • Weight at Birth and when purchased
  • Weights at all stages of development (Remember that doses of medications vary according to a dog's weight - this information is therefore really useful)
  • Vaccinations (Dates and Types)
  • Notes on Development ( Weight and height at different ages)
  • Notes on Temperament and Character
  • Photographs at various stages
  • Contact Numbers of Canine Health specialists

Visitors Requests for Information about Puppies
We have responded to the requests of our visitors in respect of the information that is required about puppies. There is information about breeds, care , training, development, puppies names and hundreds of different pictures of dogs. We hope that you will enjoy this site. We wish you every enjoyment with your new puppy!

Puppy Training
Puppy Care
Choosing a Dog
Puppy Behavior, Growth & Development Rates
Dog Vaccinations

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