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Bay Dogs

Facts, Info and Definition of Bay Dogs

Definition of Bay Dogs: A Bay Dog is a hunting dog which has been specially trained to find, chase, harass, harry and corner its prey. Hunting Dogs have been bred specifically to enhance their skills in helping man to hunt. Their name derives from the word 'bay' which is used to convey the sound of a hound on the scent.

Picture of a Plott Hound Dog

Plott Hound
(A typical Bay Dog)

The word 'bay' is also used in another context when an animal is trapped and cornered for example 'holding a stag at bay' when an animal is surrounded by a constantly barking bay dog.This deep-toned barking has been often referred to as 'the bay of curs'.

The barking of the Bay Dogs signals the hunters to release the "catch dogs," that are used to catch and hold. Typical catch dogs include the American Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Boxer and Mastiff crosses. Another name used for a Bay Dog is a "Hog Dogs".

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Bay Dog - Hog Dogs
There are Hog Dog Rodeos which feature Hog-dogs that simulates wild boar hunting with dogs. It requires specially bred  Bay Dog (hog dogs) that are used to bay a hog, wild pig or boar.

Bay Dogs - Curs and Cur Breeds
The word "cur" dates from the Middle English of the 13th century derives from the word "curren", meaning "to growl" - when saying word "Cur" actually sounds like a growl.  Many Curs and Cur Breeds have been given the encompassing title of Bay Dogs. A cur dog is a non specific or a mixture of different breeds of dogs. Bay dogs are popular in America and Australia and the different types were descended from European dogs brought over by immigrants.  These cross breeds of dogs were then mixed with the native dogs with the intention of producing the qualities of hunting dogs and to some extent herding dogs combining features of speed, power, and endurance. Curs often have a wide chest and very little body fat.

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Bay Dogs - List of Bay Dog Types or Cur Breeds
There are different types of Cur breeds, or bay dog is detailed in the following list:
List of Bay Dog Types or Cur Breeds
American Bay Dog List
Blackmouth Cur
Mountain Cur
Mountain View Cur
Catahoula Leopard Cur
Blue Lacy
Plott Hound
Stephens Cur
Treeing Cur
Walker Hound
American Foxhound
Small Swiss Hound
American Staffordshire Terrier
Australian Bay Dog List
Australian Staghound
Bull Arab
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Greyhound cross breeds

Bay Dogs Quarry
There are different types of quarry as detailed in the following list:

Bay Dog Quarry
Elk / Moose
Wild Pigs

Bay Dogs - Breed Standards
As most Bay Dogs, or cur breeds have been cross bred and have flexible appearance standards It is therefore difficult to create a total breed appearance standard.

Bay Dogs

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