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Online Encyclopaedia of Common Dog Health Problems

Preventing Canine Health Problems - Puppy & Dog Vaccinations

Vaccinations for puppies generally include those for distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, rabies, parainfluenza, parvovirus,  and also possably bordetella. Click the following link for more Details on possable Puppy & Dog Vaccinations.

Online Encyclopaedia of Common Dog Health Problems Questions

Owners have various Dog Health questions - some of which may be answered by following the process detailed in the Dog Health Care Checklist. Other Dog Health Questions often arise following a visit to the Veterinary Surgeon and the Vets subsequent diagnosis.

This situation frequently occurs as the attention of the owner is focussed on the dog as opposed to the Veterinary Surgeon. The owner therefore often has a variety of Dog Health questions that they need answers to.

We have therefore identified the most common Dog Health Issues and included these in an Encyclopaedia of Common Canine Dog Health Problems. We hope that this will help in answering a range of common Canine Dog Health Questions.

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Canine Dog Health - Online Encyclopaedia of Common Canine Health Problems
Please click any of the following links to access the Online Encyclopaedia of Common Dog Health Problems - but please remember that if you are in doubt about your Dog's Health please consult your Canine Health Specialist. Our Online Encyclopaedia of Dog Health Problems is listed in alphabetical order.

Dog Health Problems - A Dog Sickness Symptoms Sorter
It is really upsetting when your dog becomes sick. A dog or puppy cannot tell us what is wrong - health care is dependent on our observations. In many cases we may not know the name of the sickness and do not know where to look to find out about it. You will, however be more than aware of the illness symptoms that your dog is displaying. This is where the Dog Sickness Symptoms Sorter might be of some assistance - a really useful part of the Online Encyclopaedia of Common Dog Health Problems.

Online Encyclopaedia of Common Dog Health Problems

Dog Symptoms Sorter

Dog Health Care Checklist

Canine Arthritis
Canine Bad Breath
Canine Bloat
Canine Deafness
Canine Diarrhoea
Canine Enteritis
Canine Epilepsy
Canine Eye Infections
Canine Heart Disease
Canine Hepatitis
Canine Kidney Disease
Canine Parvovirus
Dog & Puppy Vaccinations
Dog Allergies
Dog Constipation
Dog Ear Infections - Otitis Externa
Dog Vomiting - Canine Gastritis
Hip Dysplasia
Kennel Cough
Lyme Disease
Patellar Luxation
Red Mange - Demodectic
Scabies - Sarcoptic Mange
Walking Dandruff - Cheyletiella Mange
Wobbler Syndrome

Online Encyclopaedia of Common Dog Health Problems - Information and Care Checklist
As the saying goes prevention is better than cure and detecting early signs of any potential dog health problems will obviously help to ensure the well being of your dog or puppy. Basic observation of a dog or puppy will alert its owner to changes in the normal behavior of the dog and that something is amiss. A straightforward check of the dog will help to confirm any suspicions of ill health. We have therefore provided a simple Dog Health Care Checklistto assist in this process.

Online Encyclopaedia of Common Dog Health Problems Advice - Individual Breeds
Each of our sections dedicated to an individual dog breed contains Dog & Puppies Health information together with potential problems relating to each breed.

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Online Encyclopaedia of Common Dog Health Problems
The sole purpose of the Online Encyclopaedia of Common Dog Health Problems is as a reference manual to provide useful information to dog and puppy owners. It is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat sick dogs or as a substitute for obtaining professional veterinary advice. Please remember that if you are in any doubt about your Dog's Health please consult your Canine Veterinary Specialist immediately.

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To discover more about specific breeds, their origins, history, health, grooming, temperaments and characteristics please follow one of the following links from this comprehensive Dog Breeds Alphabet.

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